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Cornelius Baur
Senior Partner, Munich
Brings extensive expertise in operations to help automotive, high tech, and aerospace companies enhance value
Mickael Brossard
Partner, Paris
Specializes in product development and digital transformation of R&D departments with players in tech and energy industries.
Kimberly Borden
Partner, Chicago
Serves clients in the Aerospace & Defense and Automotive & Assembly Practices, focusing on strategy, operations, and transformational...
Nathalie Bouvier-Tersiguel
Partner, Paris
Leads advanced-industries work in France and coleads corporate- and business-function work for the French office
Harry Bowcott
Senior Partner, London
Directs our data and analytics work for the Travel, Transport & Logistics practice on a global basis, enhancing our ability to...
Ryan Brukardt
Senior Partner, Miami
Advises global aerospace, defense, and space companies on achieving sustainable growth and operational excellence
Eric Chewning
Partner, Washington DC
Specializes in issues at the intersection of national security, technology, and business
David Chinn
Managing Partner, Tel Aviv
Leads our Israel office; helps clients in Israel and across Europe in the government, armed forces, and industrial sectors make...
Frank Coleman III
Partner, Stamford
Serves Industrial clients on strategy and M&A, driven by value creation fundamentals and underpinned by complex technology investments
Brooke Daniels
Associate Partner, Chicago
Helps companies tackle operational challenges across the advanced industries sector
Guillaume de Ranieri
Partner, Paris
Guillaume de Ranieri specializes in R&D and large industrial projects management. He leads the Aerospace and Defense Practice...
Rajat Dhawan
Managing Partner, India, Gurugram
Passionate about transformational and holistic impact for clients across sectors and geographies; founder of a series of McKinsey...
Alex Dichter
Senior Partner, London
Helps airlines, airline-services companies, and aerospace firms develop profitable strategies and improve global operations
John Dowdy
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Helps aerospace and defence organisations improve operations and identify growth opportunities, and works with defence forces...
Matthieu Dussud
Partner, Toronto
Supports and advises global resource-based companies and advanced industries on capital excellence, operations transformation...
Emma Gibbs
Partner, London
Advises public- and private-sector clients on strategy, with focus on the interface of the two sectors
Kevin Goering
Partner, Bay Area
Drives business value through operational transformations, tapping the productivity gains made possible by new technologies and...
Hubert Heersche
Partner, Amsterdam
Leads product optimization at McKinsey globally, using digital capabilities and analytics to improve product design and cost
Liz Hempel
Partner, New York
Leverages the power of advanced analytics to drive transformational change in product development and procurement for industrial...
Jesse Klempner
Partner, Chicago
Assists aerospace, defense, and industrial companies with strategy, growth, innovation, and mergers and acquisitions, and consults...
Vik Krishnan
Partner, Bay Area
Advises companies in the aviation, travel, and aerospace sectors on operational-performance improvement, digital transformation,...
Patrick Lahaie
Senior Partner, Montréal
Advises leading companies in a range of industries on holistic performance transformations and complex turnarounds
Stephanie Lingemann
Associate Partner, Munich
Serves clients in advanced industries on strategic transformations to ensure their strategy and operations match upcoming market...
Matteo Mancini
Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads our work in advanced industries in Southeast Asia, and advises manufacturing and technology companies on a broad range of...
Dana Maor
Senior Partner, Tel Aviv
Coheads the People & Organizational Performance Practice globally and leads it across Europe. Passionate about shaping organizations...
Varun Marya
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Helps aerospace, defense, and private-equity companies enhance value by transforming their organizations and accelerating their...
Megan McConnell
Partner, Washington DC
Assists large, complex institutions in transforming how they run their organizations—especially modernizing for the future, strategic...
Alexandra Nee
Partner, Washington DC
Helps clients develop robust growth strategies and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in private equity and public sectors
Allie Owens
Associate Partner, Boston
Serves clients on growth strategy, financial transformations, working capital optimization, transactions, and commercial due diligence
Daniel Pacthod
Senior Partner, New York
As global leader of McKinsey Sustainability, Daniel supports leading organizations in sustaining transformational impact through...
Alex Panas
Senior Partner, Boston
Brings deep expertise in serving private equity sponsors and portfolio companies on strategy, organization, operations, and investment-diligence...
Dickon Pinner
Senior Partner, Bay Area
As global leader of McKinsey Sustainability, helps transform companies’ product, service, and asset portfolios to capture the...
Robin Riedel
Partner, Bay Area
Draws on deep aviation and transformation expertise to help companies in the air transport and aerospace sectors transform their...
Ilan Rozenkopf
Partner, Paris
Specializes in the aerospace and defense industry and is a leader of the Strategy and Corporate Finance Practice in France.
Kevin Sachs
Senior Partner, Denver
Drives strategic and operational performance transformations to help advanced industrial and high-tech companies find cost savings...
Shivika Sahdev
Partner, New York
Serves automotive and aerospace OEMs, suppliers, private-equity investors, and governments on disruptions in mobility and their...
Simone Vesco
Partner, Milan
Serves clients on strategy, marketing and sales, operations, working capital, and aftermarket and services transformations
Rafael Westinner
Senior Partner, Madrid
Leads end-to-end operational transformations for industrial clients, working along the operational value chain to boost productivity...
Markus Wilthaner
Partner, Vienna
Helps hydrogen, battery, and fuel-cell companies grow their business and advises public institutions on climate, technology, and...