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True packaging sustainability: Understanding the performance trade-offs

– Sustainability of packaging materials varies by which sustainability elements are prioritized. Companies in the value chain will need to understand the trade-offs across carbon footprint, recyclability, and waste reduction.

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Wrapping up digital and analytics: Current value-creation opportunities for packaging players

– Digital is in the early stages of adoption but offers significant potential. With the right approach, a focused packaging company... can preserve value and capture growth.

Reaching the next normal in packaging

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the strong emergence of food safety and hygiene concerns as a new key... industry-shaping trend adding to the list of previously observed market trends. To prepare for the upcoming changes, we have published this compendium to share a comprehensive view on the future of the packaging industry and discuss how industry leaders can navigate the key challenges.

Sustainability in packaging: Investable themes

– Mapping five industry-shaping trends uncovers specific investable themes for participating in sustainable packaging.

Sustainability in packaging: Consumer views in emerging Asia

– Rising sustainability concerns within developing Asia, a key growth vector, make understanding the consumer perspective critical... to capturing the growth opportunity for packaging companies.

Global Energy Perspective 2021

– The Global Energy Perspective describes our view on how the energy transition can unfold, through four scenarios.

Sustainability in packaging: Inside the minds of global consumers

– In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some global themes regarding consumer sentiment are evident. But perceptions and priorities... regarding packaging differ by country and require a granular response.

Data: The next wave in forestry productivity

– To achieve both environmental and production goals, the forestry industry needs effective management and harvesting processes.... Today, they are being transformed through more effective use of data.

Sustainability in packaging: Inside the minds of US consumers

– The pandemic is reshaping their views about sustainable packaging materials in ways that will force the whole value chain to act... quickly.

Graphic-paper producers: Boosting resilience amid the COVID-19 crisis

– Four proven actions can help graphic-paper producers rebound despite the market declines that have been accelerated by the COVID-19... pandemic.

Beyond COVID-19: The next normal for packaging design

– The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped industry megatrends in ways that will have major short- and long-term implications for packaging... design.

Shaping the next normal of packaging beyond COVID-19

– As packaging companies emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, they need to readjust their focus and raise their game—while negotiating... ongoing shifts in the industry.

How the packaging industry can navigate the coronavirus pandemic

– The industry is a key player as consumers and other sectors adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here is a three-step plan that can... help packaging companies through the crisis.

The drive toward sustainability in packaging—beyond the quick wins

– Can system-level approaches, including collaboration along the value chain, make our approach to packaging more sustainable?

The Next Normal – The future of packaging: Smart bottles, edible boxes

– Digitized milk jugs. Personalized wine bottles. Edible boxes and bags. These innovations might sound gimmicky now, but they could... be commonplace in the coming years.

Pulp, paper, and packaging in the next decade: Transformational change

– If you thought the paper industry was going to disappear, think again. Graphic papers are being squeezed by digitization, but... the paper and forest-products industry overall has major changes in store and exciting prospects for new growth.

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